Creating Manageable And Sustainable Growth: Three Pitfalls You Need To Avoid

As your company grows, you will want it to grow as quickly as possible.  The problem with that is that when you grow too quickly, you cannot sustain that growth and you move faster than your company’s infrastructure can handle.  This leads to poor customer service, dissatisfied clients and employees who feel overworked.  As you move forward, remember to take steps to allow for manageable growth and plan ahead for what your company is going to be doing in a month and what it is going to be doing Read more [...]

Law Firm Marketing: With and Without a Budget

There is a growing trend among large companies to hire smaller legal firms to handle their needs. For one, companies need firms capable of handling cases in a timely fashion, but larger firms may have issues of availability and efficiency. There is room for a smaller law firm to disrupt the legal landscape with smart marketing. If you’re looking to vault into the higher level marketplace, you can make the leap with or without a high budget. With a Budget For those with a significant budget Read more [...]